Media Integrity

AccessMedia Group (AMG 900)

Meridian College of Leadership dedicates itself to helping media viewers, listeners, and readers understand the criteria they must use to distinguish and screen good journalism from bad journalism. This is the role of our Access Media Group. Our evolving project considers media sources from around the world.

We will accomplish this task by introducing our readers to a wealth of resources that provide the skills required to discern the quality, trustworthiness, and the reliability of information and news organizations. We begin this ongoing project by introducing everyone to the Ethical Journalism Network. There, you will find a foundation for reviewing media websites and other sources.

Please check this learning and information portal frequently. We are committed to updating the portal with the latest and best research on media reliability.

NOTE: You earn a Certificate of Scholarship when you complete series of readings, videos, and quizzes. This is a free option we offer to our registered guests and members.

  • Key Web Search Guidelines
  • Evaluating Websites for Reliability (6m:47s)
  • Evaluating Articles: Fact-Based Writings or Opinions (3m:5s)
  • How to Search for Relevant Literature FAST Using Boolean Operators (3m:14s)
  • Identify Themes and Gaps in Literature – with REAL Examples (3m:24s)
  • Basic Steps for Evaluating Resources
  • UC Berkeley Evaluating Resources
  • Ten C's For Evaluating Internet Sources
  • Reputable Fact-Checking Organizations
  • Moral & Ethical Integrity in Media
  • The 5 Principles of Ethical Journalism
  • Can Fake News on Social Media Be Stopped? (24m:45s)
  • Media Literacy for Adults: Misinformation and Disinformation (1h:00m)
  • Social Media
  • Who Is the Author?
  • Print Media
  • Podcast Media
  • Video Media
  • Mass Media Networks
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed