Leadership EQ (CD777)

There is an immense difference between a Christian and a secular leader. Secular leaders learn on best practices and strategies from the most successful global leaders, and then do their best to implement them. They are secular in that they manage to lead without God.

While we can, and should, learn from best secular leadership practices, Christian leadership is different.

Moreover, our vision is more than earthly measures of success. Christian leaders lead people to Jesus so that their lives might be powerfully transformed by Him. Yet we cannot give what we do not possess. We must be increasingly transformed first.

Peter Scazzero then examines the intersection of our inner lives with the practical, everyday "doing" of leadership - planning and decision-making, culture and team buildings, community and dual relationships, and endings and new beginnings.

Forged out of hard lessons learned in 26 years of leading a large, growing, complex, missional, multiracial church in New York City, The Emotionally Healthy Leader offers a unique integration of how who we are profoundly impacts what we do as leaders. It looks at how all our decisions and activities each day flow out of our inner walk with Christ.

  • Chapter 1 - The Emotionally Healthy Leader by Peter Scazzero
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