Leadership Library

This is our free library of leadership courses - and other learning resources to assist you in the deeper walk with Christ. You are encouraged to follow a customized program of study set up with you and a faculty member. Demonstrate to others that you consider spiritual growth a serious matter of disciplined study, prayer, fellowship and service.

  • The End Times: Be Prepared!
  • Two Books You Must Have to be Prepared
  • Pre-wrath Rapture - NOT Pre-trib Rapture
  • Leading Pre-wrath Researchers and Authors
  • End Times Chart and Key Concepts (2020)
  • The Ark of the Last Days
  • Earning a certificate
  • Earning Your Certificate
  • Building a Life Group
  • Certificate Quizzes
  • Soul Care Library Course Certificate Exams
  • Discovering Your Purpose
  • Three Ways to Measure Spiritual Growth
  • Inside Out: The Call to Transformational Living (intro 1: video)
  • Inside Out: The Call to Transformational Living (into 2: course content)
  • Loosing Your Happiness
  • Spiritual Life Questionnaire
  • Spiritual_Growth_Assessment
  • Discipleship and Life Groups
  • Bridge to Life
  • Discipleship 101
  • How to Skip Pass Discipleship
  • Building a Life Group: an essential for authentic discipleship
  • Every Small Group Needs a Vision
  • Choosing a Bible
  • Biblical Teaching on the Nature of Discipleship
  • The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
  • The Practice of Ordered Prayer in Discipleship
  • Knowing God in Prayer and Discipleship
  • The Hand of Discipleship Growth
  • The Wheel of Discipleship Growth
  • Spiritual Gifts Survey
  • Spiritual_Growth_Assessment: Use in a Life Group
  • Dating and Marriage
  • Kingdom Manhood
  • How Does Courtship Work?
  • Biblical Dating: How It Is Different From Modern Dating?
  • 9 Keys to A Lasting Marriage
  • Family Development Resources
  • Family Values and Resolutions
  • Spiritual_Growth_Assessment: Use in Your Family
  • Thoughts to ponder!
  • Does Consciousness Exist Outside of the Brain
  • Leadership InfoGraphic EDx
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed