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Spiritual Life (CD500)

In the Spiritual Life Remnant Discipleship study program, students complete any set of twelve (12) lessons. The lessons are designed to shape your life to be Spiritually Focused and Practically Significant.

After successfully completing at least 12 short quizzes (based on the lessons studied, students earn the Advanced Certificate of Christian Studies.

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A Certificate of Completion is awarded for each successfully completed lesson.
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  • Foundations
  • About Our Managing Director/Senior Teacher
  • Is Your Church (Small Group) a Personality Cult?
  • A Musical Call for Christ's Return to Earth
  • Encountering Jesus: Questions for the Mind and Heart
  • Habits of the Mind (Dr. John Piper)
  • Focus 550(a): A Guide to Prayer: Having Conversations with God
  • Focus 550(b): A Guide to Prayer: Having Conversations with God
  • Focus 555: Life in Your Communities: Keys for Engagement
  • Discipleship: Challenges for the Mind and Heart
  • Discipleship 598: Sharing the Bridge to Life
  • Discipleship 599a: Your Hand Guides Biblical Study
  • Discipleship 599b: Basic Principles for Studying Scripture
  • Discipleship 599c: Deciding on a Scripture Translation
  • Discipleship 600: Three Essential Questions
  • Discipleship 601: A Brief Theology of Discipleship
  • Discipleship 402: How Relationships Break Discipleship
  • Discipleship 403: Praying Using the Names and Attributes of God
  • Discipleship 404: Life Is Love in Action
  • Focus 356: Finding God in Times of Crisis (Chip Ingram, ThM)
  • Focus 357: Satan’s Ten Strategies Against You! (Dr. John Piper)
  • Focus 358: Take Care How You Hear! (Dr. John Piper)
  • Focus 359: Do You Pray Like the Devil? (Dr. John Piper)
  • Equipping Urban Missionaries (Dr. Eric Mason)
  • An Urgent Call for Christians in America to Confront (Dr. Eric Mason)
  • Video Lessons
  • Our Relationship to the Word: Personal Transformation (Dr. Crawford Loritts)
  • Satan's Strategy to Defeat Us (Dr. Charles Stanley)
  • God's Perfect Timing (Dr. Tony Evans)
  • The Mediocrity of Christian Men in America (Dr. Voddie Baucham)
  • Three Ways to Measure Spiritual Growth
  • Authentic Makers of Disciples (Dr. Howard Hendricks)
  • Praying to Move Mountains (Dr. Tony Evans)
  • Make Gratitude a Habit. (Josh Hunt, MDiv)
  • BIBLICAL PROPHECY - The 1st Coming of Christ 100d
  • BIBLICAL PROPHECY - The 2nd Coming of Christ
  • The Certainty of Prophecy (Dr. David Jeremiah)
  • Quizzes for Certificates
  • College Program || Curriculum & Textbooks 200d
  • Archived Lessons 300d
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed