AccessMedia Group (AMG 900)
Media Integrity
AccessMedia Group (AMG 900)
Meridian College of Leadership dedicates itself to helping media viewers, listeners, and readers understand the criteria they must use to distinguish and screen good journalism from bad journalism. This is the role of our Access Media Group. Our...
Spiritual Life (CD500)
Free Course
Spiritual Life (CD500)
In the Spiritual Life Remnant Discipleship study program, students complete any set of twelve (12) lessons. The lessons are designed to shape your life to be Spiritually Focused and Practically Significant. After successfully completing at...
Spiritual Conflicts (CD525)
Spiritual Conflicts (CD525)
With superb biblical exposition and practical application, Derek Prince discusses the interaction between believers on earth and spiritual powers in heavenly places. Topics include building a soldier's character, facing testing, Holy Spirit...
Leadership EQ (CD777)
Leadership EQ (CD777)
There is an immense difference between a Christian and a secular leader. Secular leaders learn on best practices and strategies from the most successful global leaders, and then do their best to implement them. They are secular in that they...
Spiritual Formation (LD710)
Spiritual Formation (LD710)
What does a real relationship with God look like? What does the biblical vision of true spiritual life look like? How do we grow in spiritual maturity? How we answer these questions influence the health, potency, and witness of Christians in an...
Leadership Habits (LD715)
Leadership Habits (LD715)
“Paradigms are powerful because they create the lens through which we see the world… If you want small changes in your life, work on your attitude. But if you want big and primary changes, work on your paradigm.” Stephen R. Covey’s...
360 Leadership (LD725)
360 Leadership (LD725)
This MasterCourse is a series of associated courses designed to equip the leader with the knowledge to seed transformation among individuals and communities. The following of courses are embedded with the MasterCourse: 1. Dynamic Leadership...

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